Translated Terms

Northern Irish


Aye Yes
Bangle Hard round bracelet
Beef burger / Mince Hamburger
Beet root Beets
Bin Trash can
Bobble Hair binder
Bonnet Hood of a car
Boot Trunk of a car
Baps Dinner rolls
Brilliant Awesome, great
Brollie Umbrella
Brown Sauce, H.P. Sauce Steak Sauce, A1 Sauce
Budgie Parakeet
Bum Derriere, butt
Bun Sweet Pastry
Bungalow One-story House
Bunged Clogged or stuffed up
Buns Muffins
Coach Bus
Caravan Trailer or mobile home
Caster sugar Baking sugar (between table and powdered)
Champ Mashed potatoes with onions
Cheeky Rude or fresh
Cheerio Good-bye
Chips French Fries / American Fries
Conservatory Sun Room
Cooker Stove
Crisps Potato chips
Cross Angry
Dear Expensive
Dinner Supper
Draining Board Counter top
Dual carriage way Freeway
Dummy Baby pacifier
Elevens 11 AM snack
Exercise book School workbook
Fags Cigarettes
Fanta Soda pop (usually lemon or orange)
Football Soccer
Fortnight 14 days
Fringe Hair bangs
Frosties Frosted Flakes
Full stop Period "."
Garden Yard
Good craic (pronounced crack) Great fun
Gutties Tennis shoes
Hair slides Hair clips or barrettes
Half eight, half nine… 8:30, 9:30…
Headmaster Principal
Holiday Vacation
Homely Cozy
Hoover Vacuum cleaner
Housing estate Row houses or housing development
Icing sugar Powered sugar
It's your go It's your turn
Jotter School workbook
Juice Pop
Jumper Sweatshirt
Kitchen roll Paper towels
Knickers Underpants
Larder Food cupboard
Lashing Hard rain
Legless Very intoxicated
Lemonade Carbonated soda pop
Liquidizer Blender
Loo Toilet
Lorry Truck
Lovely Really nice
Mallow Marshmallow
Malteasers Malted milk balls
Marathon Bar Snickers Bar
Mars Bar Milky Way
Master Teacher
Mineral Pop (soda)
Minging Gross or stinking
Motif Emblem (on clothing)
Motorway Freeway or highway
Nail varnish Nail polish
Nappies Diapers
Naught Zero
Net curtains Sheer curtains
Netball Similar to basketball (for girls) with no backboard
Notice board Bulletin board
Pants Underwear
Peeler, fuzz, coppers Police
Petrol Gasoline
Plait Hair braid
Plimsoles / Trainers Tennis shoes
Porch Area between front and inner doors
Post Mail
Potato Bread Bread made from mashed potatoes
Potato waffles Waffles made from mashed potatoes
Poteen (or potheen) Irish moonshine
Pram Baby buggy or stroller
Primary school Elementary school
Ribena Concentrated black currant juice
Rounders Similar to baseball
Rubbish Garbage
Settee Sofa
Slip-ons Loafers
Soda farls A type of bread
Stiletto High heel shoes
Stone 14 pounds
Supper Bedtime snack
Swimmers Public Pool
Tea Evening meal or tea
Telly Television
Tick Check mark
Tights Nylon stockings
Tinned Canned
Tip A real dump, messy room or house
Tomato sauce Ketchup
Torch Flashlight
Trainers Sneakers
Trousers Pants
Truck Wagon
Vegetable patch Garden
Wardrobe Closet
Wee Small
Windy Window
Yard Concrete slab
Zed The letter "Z"